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The gold CSCS card for supervisors demonstrates your ability and knowledge to work as a site supervisor/foreman within the construction industry.

NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Work Supervision
NVQ Level 4 in Construction Site Supervision

How do I get a Gold CSCS Card?

In order to get your gold supervisors CSCS card, you’ll need to complete a supervisory NVQ, in addition to the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

We offer 2 types of supervisory NVQs:
NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Work Supervision. (NVQ Level 2 required)
NVQ Level 4 in Construction Site Supervision

Our supervisory NVQs can be achieved through a mix of online and on-site assessment. Complete your NVQ at your own pace, while you work, without the need to take time off from work.

The CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test is a multiple choice test that assesses potential card holders and applicants in the key areas of safe working, health, safety, and construction related environments. You must secure a pass in the CITB health and safety test, as well as completing a supervisor NVQ (SVQ in Scotland) to apply for your CSCS Gold Card.

What does the Gold CSCS Card cost?

Our supervisory NVQs start from as little as £950+vat (25% discounted).

We have a number of payment options to make it easier to access the qualification:
• Payment in full at the start
• 50% deposit + 50% on completion
• 6 equal payments over 6 months

What is a site supervisor?

The role of a site supervisor can differ depending on the work environment and occupations involved. Day to day tasks can vary and it is not uncommon to see a crossover between other site roles such as management, foreman, or team leader.

The role of a supervisor on construction sites involves overseeing other workers, ensuring they are carrying out their job safely, correctly, and efficiently. The occupation will involve carrying out relevant construction site inspections, health and safety checks.

In the majority of cases, supervisors will report directly to managers and employers, and work to any specifications set by them.

How to become a recognised site supervisor

The majority of site supervisors begin working as labourers, bricklayers, or in other entry-level positions to gain experience as a worker in the construction industry.

This route ultimately builds up a level of trust and experience between your existing managers, supervisors and employers. Shadowing other experienced workers will help hone your craft and receive increased responsibility as you progress your own skillset. This is the first step towards being recognised as an official supervisor in your job or occupation.

Once you have some supervisory responsibilities, you can start to work towards getting a supervisor qualification and your Gold CSCS Card.

How long is the Gold CSCS Card valid for?

The CSCS Gold Card is valid for five years and will require renewal after this time has elapsed. CSCS Card holders will also be required to have passed the Health & Safety test within the last two years.

What Other Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Cards Can I Apply For?

There are multiple cards CSCS have issued, each for different responsibilities and roles on a construction site. They are usually referred to by their colour and require applicants to have completed different courses or hold a specific certificate in order to get one.

Other construction related CSCS cards include the Blue CSCS Card, CSCS Black Card, and CSCS Green Card.

Each CSCS Card has different requirements in regards to the completed qualifications needed. Visit each page now for more information on the different CSCS cards in the industry.

How can I find out more about the Gold CSCS Card?

We are happy to give you a call to check your suitability the Gold CSCS Card and be sure it’s the right qualification for you. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions and provide us with your information if you’re ready to get started.

NVQ Level 3 Occupational Work SupervisionNVQ Level 4 Construction Site Supervision

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