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Our e-learning platform hosts 100+ online courses in a variety of areas and relevant to a number of industry sectors.
All courses are accredited or CPD certified, and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.
On successful completion of each course, candidates will receive an e certificate that can be saved or printed.

Health & Safety

Health and safety training is an integral part of any business.  No matter the industry or type of business, health and safety will play a huge role in the daily running of the company.  We offer a range of health and safety training courses to suit your business needs, ensuring your staff members have the tools they need in order to work safely.

We provide courses in:

Working at Height
Manual Handling
First Aid
Abrasive Wheels
Working Safely

Fire Safety

Fire safety training is an essential aspect of any business. In fact, fire safety training is a significant aspect of fire risk assessments. Adequate training for staff can saves lives and also reduce the risk of fires. Our online fire safety courses provide awareness, understanding and practical techniques for mitigating and managing a fire.

We provide courses in:

Fire Marshal Training
Fire Awareness
Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Marshal in Care Homes
Fire Awareness in Care Homes

Food Safety

Food safety is one of the most common training courses required by businesses. Because of the various laws and regulations in place for businesses handling food, it is a requirement for many. When it comes to food safety courses, there are various levels available, each of which suits different employees. We offer a full range of online food safety training suitable for all levels.

We provide courses in:

Level 1 Food Safety - Catering, Manufacturing and Retail
Level 2 Food Safety - Catering, Manufacturing and Retail
Introduction to HACCP - Level 2
Supervising Food Safety - Level 3
Achieving Food Hygiene Rating Level 5

Licensed Premises

Working within licensed premises requires staff, managers and personal license holders to have an understanding of UK licensing law and the responsibilities, penalties for breaching these laws. Our courses cover all the major topics relating to UK licensing law ensuring staff, managers and personal license holders work within the laws.

We offer courses in:

Alcohol Personal License Holder
Licensed Premises Staff Training

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